Do you do it on your own?

For the more astute amongst you, you may realise that this email hasn’t arrived on Tuesday afternoon as usual.  There is a very good reason for that (although not a very good excuse) … my VA is on holiday and I’m doing it on my own.

In theory that would work, I know how to use the system so I’m perfectly capable of setting it up to send, however I was out all day yesterday and when I got back it slipped my mind.  I’ve had a pile of other work to do today and so it’s got to Wednesday evening before I’ve had a chance to do it. 

I did consider missing it this week but realised that it’s a great example that probably 80% of business owners will recognise (EC members should know where I’ve got that number from, if anyone else wants to know just ask me).

Over the last 8 years of talking to many small business owners, I have come to the conclusion that as a breed we are mostly control freaks.  We don’t believe that anyone else can do things in our business as well as us and so we battle on trying to do everything ourselves.  The result is that we either start dropping some balls (like this email being late) or we work all hours God sends to try and keep up.

Super successful people are not ‘one-man-bands’.  They have a team of experts and professionals around them.  Richard Branson is very clear that he has always gathered a team of people around him who are good at the things he isn’t good at.  Even athletes don’t do it single handedly – they may be the ones that run the race and get the medal at the end, but they’ve had a whole team of people helping them behind the scenes: trainer, manager, physio, nutritionist, etc, etc.

Stupidly I do have a team of VAs and I should have asked someone else to cover for the VA who usually helps me get this email sent out, but at least for me it’s only a temporary glitch, my help will be back next week.  If you don’t have any help coming back next week, you should seriously consider how you can bring other people in to support you.  A few weeks ago I emailed about the Important/Urgent matrix and it would be worth you spending a bit of time considering what tasks you really need to spend your time on and which ones can be outsourced to people who are experts in their particular field.

I’d be happy to speak to you if an admin professional is what you’re looking for!


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