Le Tour De France got me!

Let’s set the scene:


·       I live in Huddersfield, less than 5 minutes’ drive from the route of Le Tour De France

·       I‘m not interested in sports

I think it must have been about a year ago when Le Tour started to be talked about and meetings were being held for businesses to help them understand how they could make the most of this event coming through our area.  I was dismayed as a non-sports-fan that we had to suffer this for another year. 









Sid’s Café in Holmfirth, home of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ (photo from BBC News)


As the event has edged nearer there’s been info about road closures and all the additional events that were being held in the area over the weekend but I have remained uninterested.  However, as we approached the weekend itself and everyone was talking about it and preparations were visibly underway – yellow bikes started appearing everywhere and flags with red dots - I did start to soften and we did venture down the road to see them pass.

The point of this story is to remind us of the importance of staying in touch with people, giving them useful information and keeping yourself in their mind.  You never know when they might need your services or change their mind about you.

It is said that it takes, in most cases, at least 7 'touches' (letters, emails, meetings, phone-calls, etc) and up to as many as 20 before someone decides to buy from you.  Apparently most of us give up after 3 - do the maths!

Persistence can pay off - if I ended up sitting on a pavement watching bikes, anything’s possible!

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