What Lady Thatcher and Michael Bolton have in common

I've recently watched 'The Iron Lady' (a film about Margaret Thatcher, but I'm sure you knew that).

Now don't worry, I'm not and never have been political, so this isn't about to become a political rant, but there are 2 things from the film that really struck me - 2 things that Margaret Thatcher say's.

The first is, "It used to be about doing something, now it's about being someone".

I was a teenager in the 80s (so that gives my age away) and as I wasn't either into politics or current affairs, Maggie's "reign" passed me by a bit and I didn't really have an opinion of her.  I know she divides opinion, but after watching the film I can associate with her motivation to 'do something'.  In those tests corporate world like you to take, I'm a 'pragmatic activist'.  It means (I think) that I'm a practical person who likes to do stuff, rather than a thinker, so yes, like Maggie, I like to get things done. 

This sentence also took me back to a radio interview I heard with Michael Bolton a few days ago (he of 80's music fame, is there a theme here?).  He was commenting on the music talent shows that have been all the rage over the last few years - X-Factor, The Voice, etc.  He commented that whilst they do find some good talent, these kids (mostly) just expect to 'be someone' without having to do the years of hard graft in the industry.

I'm not sure it's like that in business though.  I think we do have to do something before we can be someone, as our prospective customers want to know that we're good at what we say we're good at.  They want to see testimonials and 'proof' of our abilities.

The second quote from the film that struck me is, "You become what you think".

Going back to what I said just now, I'm a doer not a thinker.  In fact I'm an incredibly good non-thinker but I recognise that this isn't necessarily a good thing for a business woman.  I realise that I need to spend more time thinking about the business and thinking about what I want it and me to become. 

Once you have that clear picture in your mind magical things start to happen.  It's like when you decide to buy a particular type of car, then all of a sudden every other car on the road is that one.  If you focus on something and bring it to the front of your mind then you start to attract things.

So, are you a doer or a thinker?  I would like to suggest that Lady Thatcher had it right and that you might just need to sit down and work out how you can be both.


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