How's Your Juggling?

Are you like me, watching in amazement when someone juggles balls/swords/something else dangerous, wondering how they do it without dropping them or hurting themselves?  I was at a networking meeting a couple of weeks ago and a guy juggled his way through his 40 seconds – juggling and talking – I thought men weren’t supposed to be able to multi-task! ;-)

Most of us aren’t able to successfully multi-task or keep several things in the air at the same time, yet we try to do it daily in our businesses.  Are you guilty of ‘dropping a ball’ by failing to follow-up on a lead or forgetting to do something for a customer?  Or is more often than not, the work for your own business that gets dropped in order to keep the other balls in the air?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Mar-4th---The-One-Thing.jpgI started listening to a book last week which had been recommended to me by several people last year.
  In ‘The One Thing’, Gary Keller tells us to focus on ‘the one thing’ (at a time) that will help us achieve what we want.  Not juggle several things at the same time. 

He talks about taking the 80/20 principle to the extreme – I’m sure we all know that 20% of what we do gets us 80% of our results, so what’s the 20% of the 20%, and so on, until you reach ‘the one thing’.

We may have a To Do list of several things that need doing but he’s saying we shouldn’t just work through them in the order we wrote them down, we should prioritise them and find ‘the one thing’ that we HAVE to get done today.

Of course we all know this, but it’s too easy to get dragged into everything that’s going on and emails asking us to do other things, but we MUST keep focussed on ‘The One Thing’ if we want to achieve success.

P.S.  If you need help keeping some of the balls in the air whilst you focus on ‘The One Thing’ then take a look at how we can help -

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