But what do the customers say?

I talked in my blog yesterday about the benefits of using a VA in your business but we all know that it’s much better to hear what the customers think of service.

Jeremy is a sole trader solicitor and having been used to having a secretary to do his typing (and solicitors have a lot of typing!), he was struggling to keep up with everything he had to do.  Here’s what he has said about working with us …

"In a previous life, when my secretary left, someone suggested that the more typing you do the quicker you become. Not true! Having plateaued at a disappointingly low number of words per minute, assistance was very much needed to ensure things were getting typed at a sensible hour and not deep into the night. After all I am paid to be a good lawyer, not an incompetent typist!

The Office Fixer was recommended to me by a good friend and, with some trepidation coupled with a fear of digital dictation and lack of a physical person, I was introduced into a new and exciting world where a day's worth of dictation is turned around in 36 hours.

I am now getting through significantly more work than previously, to the benefit of my clients and also my bottom line!"

Miles and his business partner are busy out of the office most of the time presenting and meeting with clients.  They haven’t got time to keep the bookkeeping up-to-date but we have …

"The Officer Fixer has been a dream service for my business. After previous horrific experiences I was referred to Sarah by my Accountant and I have to say it's been plain sailing ever since. Sarah and her team provide us with a full book-keeping service and credit control at a fantastic rate. This has allowed us to get on with our business and leave the accounting to the professionals. The professionalism, accuracy and communication has been exemplary and is a true reflection of the level of quality that a supplier of professional business services should aspire to."

Lastly, Paul is a decorator and is growing his business.  He was getting so busy he couldn’t keep up with everything and have time to see his young family.  These are his words …

"Everything is great. I'm starting to have a lot more free time and feel a lot more organised."

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I’ve heard something about you …

A friend of mine, who I think is Superman in disguise … or maybe the Duracell Bunny (he never stops), had a couple of days last week when he was feeling a bit unmotivated and wondering if all the hard work was worth it.  I hope I said some helpful things, but either way he was back on top of the world a few days later and beavering away at his usual Duracell Bunny pace.

One of the things he did was to write to his competitors to find out if anyone wanted to sub-contract to him, in preparation for when he gets too busy to cope with all the work himself.  Today he has emailed me a copy of a reply he got from one of the people he had emailed. 

In a nutshell the competitor was saying how grateful he was that he’d been asked as my friend has such a good reputation in his local area and he can only hope to build a similar reputation.  My friend was obviously really pleased but also surprised as he hadn’t realised he had such a reputation.

We hear the phrase “your reputation goes before you” and obviously in this case that’s a good thing, but it might not always be so.  Do you know what your reputation is?  What are people saying about you that you’re unaware of? 

If it’s good then you need to be getting those testimonials collected so that you can use them in your marketing and make yourself stand out as the expert in your area.  And if it’s not so good you definitely need to know about it so you can sort out those problems and turn things around.

As you can imagine, my friend’s motivation is now on overdrive and he’s fired up to work even harder – more Duracell batteries required.

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