Do you ask your customers for help?

I have recently launched a new service for the processorising side of my business.  Nothing outstanding in that, but I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learnt whilst I was pulling this service together.

I knew the service I was offering had to change for a number of reasons – some were personal reasons and some were about my perception of the effectiveness of the current service.  The alternative I had come up with was OK in principle but I knew that it wasn’t going to meet the needs of my potential customers and so I had been a bit stuck for a while, trying not to offer my old service but having nothing else to replace it. 

My progress changed when I had a conversation with a potential customer and I ended up asking him how he would like it delivering.  The following week I had another conversation with a different prospect and asked her how it would work best for her.  Armed with this information I found a new way of delivering this service which met both my requirements and the needs of these potential customers. 

Now I know they are only 2 people and their needs might not be the same as everyone’s needs, but it did get me unstuck and help me develop something that I think will work.  Whilst it might not be the answer for all my prospects, I am hoping that it will be the right solution for some of them, and actually some of them is all I need.

So my lessons here are:

1.       Ask your potential customers what they want – it’s no good offering a service that isn’t going to fill a need.

2.       You’re never going to please all the people all of the time.

3.       You probably only need a few customers so No.2 doesn’t matter as long as you’re pleasing someone.

If you want to find out more about the programme I’ve developed (and take advantage of the special launch offer) click here.

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