Are you waiting patiently like Bessie?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Aug-26th---Chickens.JPGI was outside with my chickens this morning thinking about their ‘pecking order’.   Emmie (the brown one on the left showing you her bottom) unfortunately died earlier in the summer and she was at the top of the pecking order, therefore a new order needed to be established.


My husband and I were fairly certain who would come out on top – Bessie Blackrock (guess which one she is) – and we were right.  Bessie could well have been at the top of the order earlier, had she not come into an already established order, but she took her place lower down the ladder and only rose to the top when the opportunity became available.  Helena (the white one) had always been a loyal follower of Emmie but now, after a month or so, she has become a loyal follower of Bessie.


I guess, like people, there are some chickens better at leading and some better at following.



This got me thinking about us and our businesses.  I knew a couple of businesses that were early into their industry and they could have taken the lead based on being there first – like Emmie did.  However, they haven’t become the top of their industry and many competitors have come in and that top spot has been taken by others. 


Bessie didn’t push for the top spot, she waited and by chance she got the opportunity to take it but it might not have been like that, Emmie was only young and should have lived a number of years longer.


If you wait patiently like Bessie for your competition to fail, you might be waiting a long time.  If you don’t want your business to be following whoever’s leading, like Helena, then you might need to take some action and, like the competitors of those businesses I knew, go in and take the lead.  Don’t think that because a business has been around longer than you that means they are better at what they are doing.  Competition is what business is about and at the end of the day, the best “man” will win – there’s no reason why that can’t be you!


Oh, and just for completeness, the little grey one is Little Lilly – she lays beautiful small blue eggs and she’s my favourite ;-)

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