Take a break and boost your business

Well what a great week I picked to have a holiday!  Last week down south we had temperatures souring towards the 30s which made it a great week to be in a motor-home and I even got a little bit of a sun-tan - unheard of for me!

As we've come home, the schools have broken  up and many people are now heading out on their holidays so I thought it appropriate to share an article I've read about small business owners and holidays ... click here to read it.


I was interested to read the section on systems and processes and how important they are in enabling business owners to take some proper time out.  I knew that of course, it's what I preach, but so many people think they're the only ones who can do things and fail to put things in place to enable other people to help.

I was also interested in the digital detox section.  It's so easy these days to remain completely accessible.  Not only do we have phone and emails we now have text, message apps, Twitter and Facebook to avoid if we want to be incommunicado.  I have to admit, with my iPad in tow its too tempting to check in each day but I did, as the article suggests, try to just make that one session in an evening and was not on it constantly during the day.

So if you're off on your holidays soon I hope you do get a good break - we all benefit from a bit of time to refresh and re-invigorate ourselves and consequently our business benefits too.


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