Which way do your scales tilt?

Did you know that this week is National Work Life Balance week?  “What’s that?” I hear you say.

As small business owners it’s really hard to get this nut cracked!  When we start our business we think that we’ll be able to be much more flexible and work the hours that suit us but we soon find that we’re working more than before and juggling so many balls that ‘work life balance’ seems a long lost fantasy.


There are 2 keys to cracking this I think:

1)      Stop letting other people control your time – if you don’t plan your time and stick to it then you are more likely to just react to other people’s requests and find that you’re doing what they want you to do rather than what you need to do, hence the long hours to get all the things completed that got pushed to one side.

2)     Learning that you are not the only one in the world who can do the things that need doing in your business – there will be things that you are good at and things that you enjoy, but they’re not necessarily the things you should be doing.  There will also be things that there will be better qualified people to do than you and things you hate doing.  You need to work out what you are best spending your time on and start delegating other jobs to other people, whether that’s employees or outsourced partners.

      Why not make sure you go home/stop working at a reasonable hour during this National Work Life Balance week and use this as a kick-start to taking control of your time? 

      A good book to read about how to reduce your working hours is The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.


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