Are you an inventor or a re-inventor?

I have been a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle for 2.5years now and one of the catch phrases often heard around the Circle is "swipe and deploy".  Outside of the Circle you might often hear or say the phrase "why reinvent the wheel?".

Both of these phrases have at their heart the idea that if something is working for someone else then copy it.  Now obviously we have to be careful about copyright and we can't swipe and deploy something word for word without prior permission, but that doesn't stop us looking at the general idea of what someone or a company is doing, take the idea, tweak it and redeploy a version of it in our business.  

Now this is easy to do if you see similarities between your business and the business who's idea you are using but this is often when you might fall into the copyright trap of pinching their idea straight.  The art of this mantra is in being able to think outside of the box and work out how you can use something that is working well in a different industry by changing it accordingly and thereby bringing new ideas into your industry and ensuring it isn't a like for like copy.

So maybe a bit of reinventing of the wheel but not from scratch.  b2ap3_thumbnail_August-12th---cart-wheel.jpg



I'm currently working on a reworked idea that will help potential clients navigate my services.  What have you seen lately that you think would work for you if it was revamped?

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