Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

First things first, may I wish you a happy and prosperous 2014! 

I want to start the year by telling you about something that happened back in November.

Mosaic Virtual Office is the virtual admin support arm to the business and we have a team of 4 VAs and myself, all working remotely.  Each VA has their own customers that they work with and on a day-to-day basis they will manage their own workload and liaise with the customer directly.  In that respect we have a situation where, mostly, only one person really knows about the work they do. 

If that was the full story, we would have been completely stuffed when, back in early November, I got a text from the son of one of my VAs to say that his mum had been taken into hospital the previous night having had a stroke.

Fortunately, she is making a really good recovery and, whilst she’s still not back working, we are expecting her back in the next month or two.

Now, obviously from a business perspective, that left me with a bit of a situation to sort out.  Typically, this VA was the busiest one of the team (sods law!) and the work she did for each customer was quite different.  If, as I said earlier, the end of the story was that all the VAs knew what they were doing and were just left to get on with it, an upsetting situation would have been made so much worse with the stress of trying to sort out the “mess” it left behind.

However, as you would imagine for someone who works with businesses to create process manuals, my own business is full of processes, instructions, templates and systems, and this ensures that work is fairly easily transferable between different members of the team.  This meant that within a short period of time, other members of the team were set up and trained and able to continue to support the customers without too much disruption to their service.

The point of my message today %%FirstName%%, is to just make you think about the contingency plans you have in place for your business.  One day my VA was at work, the next she was in hospital.  We are seeing the devastation that the weather is bringing to so many communities at the moment.  There are so many things that can cause massive disruption and problems for your business and unfortunately with most of them you won’t get any warning.

I would encourage you to think through some of the things that could potentially affect your business and make sure you have plans in advance of how you will continue to trade, should the worst happen.

I know it’s not a very cheery start to the year but, all you Girl Guides and Boy Scouts will know the mantra – Be Prepared!

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