Danger, danger, high voltage!

I talk often about how we’re getting too attached to our mobile devices and a key tool in increasing your productivity is decreasing the amount of time you spend checking your emails and social media feeds.  Well here’s a really good reason to at least detach yourself from your mobile over-night …


Have you seen this news story?



It’s a rather scary tale about a girl whose phone actually caught on fire under her pillow!  Oh … and her head was on the pillow at the time!


Fortunately she smelt the smouldering smart phone and woke- up before it became a full-on fire.  The phone itself is completely unrecognisable - looks more like burnt toast than a phone!


Perhaps she had spent too much time on the Tinder app! (Just kidding)


Anyway, I just thought you should know about this so you can place your phones far away from your beds … we don’t want you scorching your ear off! 

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Do you need it surgically removed?

Isn’t it amazing how attached we get to those little blocks of technology we carry around in our pocket or bag!

I joined a new Facebook Group last week that’s sole purpose is to challenge our comfort zone in 2014!  Each Sunday a new challenge is posted for the members to achieve during the week and this Sunday we were asked to switch off our mobile phone for 2 days (not necessarily consecutive days). 

Well you wouldn’t believe how many people are in a panic about it – you probably would actually, as we all know how reliant we have got on today’s mobile technology.

As it happens, this isn’t a difficult challenge for me as I have a call handling service answering my calls, I only check my emails twice a day, and as I’m appallingly bad at doing social media I’m not someone who is constantly on Twitter.  Additionally, I do spend a lot of my day sat at a computer so email and any social media I do want to do can be done via that medium.

However, there’s two things that I think are the really important take-away’s from this week’s challenge:

1)      We all need to take a step back and look at how we run our business.  If it’s so reliant on the business owner having 24/7 access to their mobile, is that a business you have or an extremely tying job?  There are ways to ensure that your business can survive without you for a few hours and perhaps this challenge is the motivator to consider who’s in control here – you or your business? 

2)      This challenge stemmed from a video that actually doesn’t relate to business at all and the point is to make us understand that we should live in the moment we are in.  I’ll let you watch the video rather than explain, but it does just remind us that if we’re so tied up with our business 24/7, we are not enjoying the rewards we are working to reap.

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