How 'doodle' you arrange a meeting

If you ever have to arrange a meeting with more than 2 people are you amazed how difficult it is and how many emails go back and forth to do it??!!

It can be massively time consuming but I want to tell you about a free tool that I use that helps to make the task soooo much easier -

Doodle allows you to enter a number of date/time options for a meeting and then you can send the link out to as many people as you want.  They simply click on the link and mark which dates/times they can do. 

When you've had all the responses back and you're ready to finalise the meeting date just click on the admin link (you will have been emailed this when you set up the meeting) and see which date is most convenient.  You then just need to email everyone back with the confirmed date.

No back and forth email conversations between numerous people, just 2 easy emails from you and the jobs done!

Not only does it save you time but it stops your inbox clogging up with unnecessary emails - win-win!

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