Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Last night I was watching a documentary about Meat Loaf on iPlayer.  I'm a big Meat fan and have seen him 3 times in concert but didn't know about his back story.

Meat Loaf is now not a particularly healthy man but he battles on and continues touring for his fans, despite his health issues.  What struck me at the concert I went to a year or so ago was, despite his less than 100% performance, the fans absolutely love him and where he is struggling, they take over the singing.  It was actually really moving to be a part of.

It turns out that Meat had a hard childhood with a violent father and when he began his singing career he had to fight hard because the music he and Jim Steinman were putting out was very niche.  However he persevered and as I'm sure you'll be aware, even if you don't like his music, he has had a very successful career.  Although it hasn't been without difficulties, both financially and mentally.

From a business perspective it brought back to me a few things I've learnt over the last few years:

1.    Getting a niche is good.  It's that marmite thing - either you love him or you hate him and that means the one's who love him are really loyal fans.  Middle of the road is boring and whilst you offend less people, you don't get the same loyalty from the people that like you as there's several other very similar options.

2.    Success isn't easy, you have to persevere and stick with it.

3.    Even when you are successful it's not an easy ride.  There will still be problems to overcome but with further perseverance you can maintain the success.

If you want to see the documentary click here (it's only available for a few more days).

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