On Reflection

So, I've been back a week ... and I'm going away again in 2 weeks!! 

If you read my update a couple of weeks ago you will have seen that my key learnings came early on in my trip ... whilst I maintained connectivity through-out the trip so was able to work and do my calls, I tried to cram too much in and consequently I was more tired than usual and did less work than usual.

So why am I off again?

To make changes and test again ... well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I know running a business is hard work and time consuming but there are things that we can do to make it less arduous and free up some our time so we can do some of the other things we want to do with our life.  

I have always believed it’s about processorising, automating and delegating and following the last couple of weeks I absolutely believe that.

Without structure and systems our time is eaten up and so I am trying to structure my time better and get more systems and automations set up before I go off again.

If you want to know more about these things click here to download my free ebook.  


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What have I learnt from week 1?

As most of you will know by now, I'm in the middle of a 17 day road-trip to test my theory that I can work anywhere.

I have a remote team, we all work with our clients remotely, so presumably as long as I have an internet connection then I can work from wherever I want.

The theory is good and in practice it has proved to be true ... with my 3 options for connecting to the internet I have been able to do my work and have my client Skype calls without any problems.

So what have I learnt from week 1 if things seem to have gone so smoothly?

My two key learnings came quite early on. 

I've spent a lot of time travelling around and have found the amount of time it takes to pitch and de-pitch (is that a word??) as well as the travelling time is eating into my working time more than I anticipated.  I've been camper all my life so I should have known how long these things take but until you put it into context I guess you don't realise how it will affect things.  

Consequently I'm doing much less work than normal and I'm fitting in more 4Networking meetings and 121 catch-up meetings.  I'm trying to do a little bit of sight-seeing on my way round but so far have really only managed 1.5 days.

I'm actually quite exhausted and I've learnt that if I do this again I need to plan to stay in less places for longer, maybe only move on every 5-7 days so I have time to see a place and get some work done.

The second thing I learnt is that in order to get time to do more touristy things I need to be more structured in my diary and be more systemised.  As many of you will know, I am maybe more system and process orientated than a lot of people but to properly make this work I need more.  I need to have more specific slots in my diary so that when I'm travelling I know the times I definitely need to be hooked up to the internet for client calls, for example.  And I need to have more automation and/or VA support so that things will still happen, even if I'm stuck in a traffic jam.

This stuff is really all about enabling work/life balance so it applies to everyone who doesn't want to be managed by their business.  It's what I talk about all the time but again, until put into context I didn't realise how much more structure I needed to make this lifestyle work.  At home I'm sat at my desk all day so it hasn't really dawned on my that if I wasn't, the structure I have isn't enough.

So if you want to continue to follow my journey for the next week go to www.facebook.com/OfficeFixerNoFixedAbode/.

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The Office Fixer is on the road

As I write this it's drawing into evening on day 2 of my road-trip and so far things are going well, despite the slow start yesterday courtesy of the M1 being shut.

Today I've been to a 4Networking meeting this morning and this afternoon I've held a Skype video call whilst connected to the campsite wifi (via my fancy new booster - attached to the window in the photo below) as well as dealing with my emails and doing other work on line.


I'm keeping a blog on Facebook so if you want to follow my journey have a look here - Facebook/OfficeFixerNoFixedAbode 

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