What colour will your Bobblehead be?

Do you work with a remote team?  It might be that some of your employees work from different offices or from home, or it might be that you work with a number of outsourced suppliers.   Whatever the reason, if you work with a team who are not all physically together it can be difficult to create feeling of team and often difficult to communicate and work together on projects. 


I was with a client a couple of weeks ago and he has exactly that situation – a team that is separated by miles.  He also has occasions when members of that team hold telephone meetings with clients but need the facility to be able to show them things via screenshare and we were discussing secure ways of doing this.


He was so impressed with the solution I suggested I thought it might be worth sharing it with you.


As a provider of virtual services my team ‘walks the walk’ and is virtual/remote from each other.  Consequently, for a number of years now, we have used www.sococo.com as a virtual office.  




I love Sococo, it makes you feel like you’re all working together even though you can be miles apart, in different countries even.

Each team member is given a log in and they get their own ‘bobblehead’ (choose your own colour) and office space.  Each office has screens, a desk and a phone.  The phone allows you to make calls to people outside of your Sococo office and incurs additional costs, the rest is all included as part of the monthly subscription.

Using your computer’s speakers and mic you can talk to people who are in the same office/meeting room as you and you can also share your computer screen with people in the same room.  This makes it really easy to collaborate with people on a piece of work or just have a quick meeting about something.  Using the chat feature you can easily arrange to get together or just quickly clarify something.  It’s just like having someone in an office next door to you where you can just pop your head round the door.  You can also invite guests for a meeting so you can use it with clients and suppliers as well.

I could rave about it for ages but if you’d like to find out more about it, why not sign up for their free 30 day trial – www.sococo.com.

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