A stark reminder

This morning I’ve found out that my elderly neighbour was taken into hospital yesterday and is in a critical condition – he may or may not return home, it’s just a waiting game.  He’s 81 and although he’s had health issues over the last couple of years he’s still been pretty active – getting the bus into town every day, pottering in the garden cutting the grass and feeding the birds.  It’s therefore a bit of a shock that suddenly he’s in a situation that he might not survive.

On Thursday, the daughter of some friends is undergoing a 2nd operation for a brain tumour that she’s been fighting for the last few years.  She has a young family and had hoped she’d won the battle but unfortunately it has returned. 

So what business message do these sad stories have?  Simply to remind us to keep a healthy work/life balance.  It’s easy when you’re tied up with running and growing your own business to work at it 24/7 but you need to ask yourself – do you live to work or work to live?

That’s it this week, a short simple one.  I don’t think any more needs to be said.




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