What would you do with a spare day?

Have you noticed that when you have a day out of the office booked – a training day or a day with a customer – or you have a holiday booked, you spend the time out of the daily grind and the world doesn’t end?

I have had a couple of days booked out of the office over recent weeks that for one reason and another didn’t happen, but I decided that I would still spend the day away from my desk working ON my business.  I figured that had my plans gone ahead I wouldn’t have been sat at my desk answering emails and doing ‘stuff’, so I would still use the time to work on the business.  As a consequence I got things done that I wouldn’t have got done otherwise and everything was still here when I came back the next day.

For those of you that have been aware of my cat’s illness, I finally had to have her put to sleep yesterday tea-time.  In all honesty I’ve been as much use as a chocolate teapot yesterday and today and I haven’t worried too much about it. I’ve done one or two things that needed doing and then I’ve taken the time I need for my cat and my grieving.  The world won’t end and my business will still be there tomorrow.

Sometimes we have to take time out of the day-to-day for a variety of reasons and we do what is necessary to accommodate that.  What we need to do is learn from this and apply the same tactics every day, so we don’t have to end up working so many hours.   

It might be that we plan our time better because we have less of it. 

It might be that we don’t do the things that never really needed doing in the first place.

It might be that we got help to do some of the things that we didn’t need to do ourselves. 

Remember, it’s the quality of the time we work that counts, not the quantity.  You can work a 12 hour day doing ‘stuff’ and getting nothing of value done, or you can work a good 6 hours doing things that really make a difference.

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