Danger, danger, high voltage!

I talk often about how we’re getting too attached to our mobile devices and a key tool in increasing your productivity is decreasing the amount of time you spend checking your emails and social media feeds.  Well here’s a really good reason to at least detach yourself from your mobile over-night …


Have you seen this news story?



It’s a rather scary tale about a girl whose phone actually caught on fire under her pillow!  Oh … and her head was on the pillow at the time!


Fortunately she smelt the smouldering smart phone and woke- up before it became a full-on fire.  The phone itself is completely unrecognisable - looks more like burnt toast than a phone!


Perhaps she had spent too much time on the Tinder app! (Just kidding)


Anyway, I just thought you should know about this so you can place your phones far away from your beds … we don’t want you scorching your ear off! 

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