Has a rocket exploded in your business?

It struck me when I heard the news the other day about the Virgin Galactic crash/explosion that, whilst Richard Branson has been incredibly successful and is often seen as the face of British Entrepreneurship, he hasn’t always had an easy time.

Clearly the incident with the rocket this week isn’t going to help his quest for space travel and it’s not all that long since he was doing battle on the trains.  In his early years in business he narrowly escaped jail and over the years he’s been in the news for both good and bad.  But what struck me is that, even with the huge issue of an exploded rocket to deal with, he doesn’t give up and lie down.

I’m a Cliff Richard fan (yes, I am only 43 but it is true) and last Saturday I was poised on my computer just before 9am to buy tickets for his 75th Birthday tour next year.  Despite the recent issues he’s received publicity for he’s not locked himself away, he’s put out a tour and within hours lots of the venues were sold out.

So you might not have had a rocket explode in your business, or have been wrongly accused of a crime, but there will be things that you find difficult to deal with and things that might make you question what you’re doing.  But remember, the guys who have made it big didn’t have an easy ride, they just kept going.

There are loads of quotes on failure that you could put on your wall to help you through the hard times, but here’s one for a starter for 10 …


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