They’re collecting my green bin today

Today is our green bin collection day and it got me thinking about the simple things we can do to make our offices/business a little bit ‘greener’.  I'm not a big eco-warrior but I do like to do a bit of recycling and to be 'green' when I can, so here are 5 easy things you can do help the environment (which often also helps your wallet too!):

#1 Get a green waste bin and put it next to your desk

This will remind you to separate your recyclable waste from your general waste and makes it easy to do.

#2 Customise the power setting on your laptop/computer

Make sure your laptop/computer is set to power-down (to sleep/hibernate mode) if it hasn’t been used for a period of 15 minutes. This way, if you forget to turn if off when you go to a meeting or you get called off suddenly, you’re not using unnecessary electricity.

#3 Switch off your phone/tablet re-charger when not in use

Rechargers continue to draw energy even when the device is fully charged so make sure you switch them off when they have finished recharging. It’s better for the battery life of the device as well.

#4 Swap meetings for Skype calls where possible

Skype to Skype is free and allows voice calls, video calls and screen share, so it is often possible to have meetings from your desk rather than having to travel to them in another location. This not only saves on travel time and costs but helps reduce your carbon foot-print.

#5 Buy green

When purchasing for your office choose recycled products or items from sustainable sources. Also consider switching to a green energy supplier if you are in charge of buying your utilities.

Have you got any simple things you regularly do in your business that are green?  If you want more ideas for green office practices, have a look at Green Office Week online.

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