“To Be-ard or Not To Be-ard”?

I’ve just read an article on how the popularity of beards ebbs and flows, and apparently it's an evolutionary phenomenon which gives an advantage to rare traits over more common ones.

The article was saying that beards are perceived as more attractive when there are fewer beards and when beards increase in popularity, clean-shaven faces become more appealing.  And so the bearded pendulum swings.


Personally, I’m not a beard fan and never have been.  If you take a look at the article you’ll see 4 photos showing a guy with different stages of beard growth – I’m definitely favouring the first two!  (And what does George Clooney think he looks like??!!)









 Anyway, this isn’t really a rant about beards, there’s is a point I want to highlight that relates to your business … if everyone in your market is doing the exact same thing, do something different.  Swim upstream.  It'll make you stand out!


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