How’s your Chimp?

I was recently invited to join a Business Book Club and the book we’re reading this month is ‘The Chimp Paradox’.  Many of you may have read this book because I’m a little behind the times with this one, but if you haven’t it’s definitely worth getting a copy.

Professor Steve Peters has created a really understandable way to describe how our minds work.  Not surprisingly, given the title of the book, it involves a chimp. 

I’m still only 22% percent of the way through the book (yes, I’m reading on a Kindle, which quite frankly I hate but I’m running out of space to store real books) but have already told several people about it in both business and none business contexts.  If you want to understand why:b2ap3_thumbnail_chimp-photo.jpg


·         you jump to conclusions

·         do things that afterwards you wonder why you thought it was a good idea

·         get over emotional and over-react to things

or generally just understand how your mind works, it’s a really accessible book.

That’s it this week.  Just a short one, but hopefully a helpful book for some of you who might not already know about it.

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