Ridiculous Photo Alert!

If you are a regular reader of my weekly emails you will know that I don’t usually sell anything, they are just short messages that will hopefully provoke some thought on topics that may be relevant to you as well as me.

I have to admit that this week I am going to tell you about a really useful service, but only because it links into what we talked about in last week’s email - getting a good break from your business during the holiday season.

b2ap3_thumbnail_July-29th---Beach-Genie---small.jpgIf you remember, the article I referred you to said that your business will actually benefit from you getting a proper break and recharging, but I suspect that even if you manage to make a space in your diary for a holiday, you still won’t leave your phone behind.

In case you’re wondering about the ridiculous photo, it is me hidden behind the delightful glasses and I am posing as The Beach Genie. 

The Beach Genie is the holiday cover package provided by my telephone call handling service - The Office Genie. It is ideally suited for small business owners whilst they are on holiday. Whilst you are lying on a beach or hiking up a mountain the Genies will keep your customers happy and your business running. You will be amazed what they can do for you, they go one step further than simple message taking.

You can contact the Genies direct on 01604 765475, ask for Jacqui and tell her Sarah Gathercole told you to call! Prices start from £50 for the first week including 20messages then £10 per day including 4 messages.

I hope that helps you at least consider having a proper break from the business whilst you’re away and normal service will be resumed next week, I promise.

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