Do you want to know more about Trello?

This morning I am at Sheffield 4Networking meeting doing a presentation on the 5 pieces of software that I couldn't run my business without.

One of those pieces of software is Trello.

I know more and more people are starting to use Trello but someone just this week said to me "I use Trello but I hadn't thought of using it how you use it" so I thought it might be useful to record a demo of how I use Trello.

I know I did a very brief introduction to Trello a few weeks ago but that simply gave an overview of the sorts of things you could use it for. This demo goes into much more detail about specific boards I use and how to actually do things on Trello such as copying template lists onto a card, etc.

It's not a quick view - it's 26 minutes long - so it is for people who use Trello but think they could use it more/better or for people who want to start using it and need some guidance on how to use it.


I hope it's of use and please get in touch if you want to have a chat about how you could use Trello better in your business.


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