Can I borrow your shoes?

On a couple of occasions recently I have been told about the following figures (these might not be 100% accurate but they’re in the region of):

                80% of business owners think they give top notch customer service

                8% of customers think they receive top notch customer service

You don’t have to be that great a mathematician to see the flaw!

Some of the discrepancies could be down to genuine bad customer service, and in which case socks need to be pulled up! 

However, some of the discrepancies might be down to a misalignment of expectations. 

Perhaps business owners don’t explain well enough exactly what their customers should expect to receive from them, how often they’ll be in touch, etc, and as a consequence the customer’s expectations are incorrect, leaving room for disappointment.

Alternatively, business owners may promise the earth and then fail to deliver.  I have been on the receiving end of this recently and it’s a pretty easy one to fix – just stop promising what you’re not in a position to deliver.  It is much better to promise ‘enough’ and then deliver ‘super great’ rather than the other way round. 

This is a big topic that needs a lot of consideration by those of us in the service industry, but hopefully this brief mention will just start you thinking about whether your customers see your service in the same light as they do.  If you walk in their shoes through your customer funnel will you find the service to be as top notch as you thought it was?

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