It’s Magic … and flipping useful!

Rather than spouting my thoughts this week I thought we’d have a ‘top tip’ week.

Are you a trainer?

Are you a consultant doing brainstorming sessions with clients?

Are you a business owner doing brainstorming sessions for yourself?

Do you use a whiteboard but often run out of space?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions (which you should have done if you’re a business owner!) let me ask you one more question - do you use Magic Whiteboard?


b2ap3_thumbnail_Oct-7th---Magic-Whiteboard_20141008-080738_1.jpgMagic Whiteboard is a fantastic invention that I discovered early this year and it’s brilliant for easily getting some temporary writing space on a wall.

If you could really do with a whiteboard when you’re with clients or in training session this is an easily portable answer, all you need is a bit of wall space.  No more dragging flipcharts around or paying extra fees to hire them in a training centre.

If you’re working on a project in the office and need a bit of space to plan things, just find a spare bit of wall and you have an instant whiteboard to plan on.

Magic whiteboard isn’t cheap but it’s so useful and easy to use.  You just tear off a sheet (or more, depending on space) and put it on the wall.  No fixings required, it stays there by magic (well, static actually).  A normal set of dry wipe markers and a board rubber (or cloth) and you’re sorted.

One of my customers thought it was so good they got me to put a couple of spare sheets up before I left!

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