What’s got lost in your brain overload?

I think most small business owners get to a point where their head is so full of “stuff” they can’t fit it all in … and this could turn into a great plug for my systems and process services, but that’s not what this Tuesday email is about.

The reason I actually mention it is because I’m like everyone else, I struggle to keep everything  in my head and things do fall out. 




Last week I was reminded of something that I used a good few years ago as a way of explaining our remote admin support services but, for whatever reason, it had been lost in the mists of time.  Having been reminded of it I decided to use it again and I will be shortly launching some new packages based around this thing that had got lost out of my head.  Keep your eyes peeled to find out what the ‘thing’ is ;-)

So my question to you is, what have you forgotten about that you thought would be a good idea to try out, or that you used to do but for some reason stopped doing?

I’m sure you’ve had loads of ideas that have got lost, so why not spend a pleasant afternoon walk or run in the sun and see if some of them come back to you.  And if they do, you might want to try www.Trello.com as a way of capturing ideas so they don’t get lost again.

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