Are you going with the flow?

This morning I have been introduced to the concept of “Flow” – being in the zone.  It’s far too complex for me to get into fully in a brief email but I thought it was worth flagging up, particularly at this time of year when we often think about what we want to achieve in the next year and things we might need to do in order to succeed.

In brief, being in your ‘flow’ is being in a state whereby you are totally engrossed in what you are doing and you forget about time, hunger and anything else that is happening. 

Clearly there are things we need to do every day in life that are mundane and won’t engulf us so much that we are completely satisfied and lose all track of time, but if you don’t often experience that state, it is worth considering the sorts of activities you should be doing more of in order to get in your flow.


There is a TED talk by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi which goes into this in more detail, so if you’ve got 20 minutes to investigate this further then click here.  In the meantime, as a brief introduction have a look at the diagram below to see what happens to us when our skill levels and the level of the challenge do not match.



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Why I got up early today…

It is 6.30am as I write this email.  ‘So what?’ I hear all you early risers say.  Well I don’t do 6.30AM unless I have to get out to a breakfast meeting, I’m not a morning person, so today is unusual for me. 

The reason I am up whilst it’s still dark (yukk) is that I have a very specific goal that needs to be achieved in the next 8 weeks and another running alongside it for April next year.  This means there are things I HAVE to fit into my day which lying curled up cosy in bed are not going to achieve.

So I’m going to keep this short because there’s a lot of things I need to do with my extra hour, but I just wanted to give any of you who need to achieve something an extra push to do something differently to help you get there J.

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