What will your office be like in 2030?

As you will know if you read my message last week, I'm off on a road trip in my motorhome next Monday to prove my theory that I can work from anywhere.  Consequently I'm in the process of minimising my "office" to fit it into 1 plastic box and a laptop bag!

It is an interesting exercise to realise just how much of what I need is already online and accessible from anywhere and how much of the paper scattered around my desk and office I never look at and really don't need.  I have easily fitted the bits I do need into a concertina folder!

So during this process it was interesting to come across an article from Plusnet about how our offices will look in the year 2030.



I'm hoping that mine will look a lot like the inside of a motorhome but if you have a physical office for your business you might want to click here to have a look at how you might be working in just 14 years time!

I love to hear what you think - which bits would you love (the slide?) and which bits do you hope are just fantasy?


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