A little blue egg made me smile

A number of my friends have been posting daily pictures on Facebook with the tag #100happydays and I’ve noticed that a number of them have reached day 100 this week.  You may have seen these posts from some of your friends.  Do you look with interest and take inspiration from them or do you think they’re just indulging themselves and showing off?

The challenge states that it’s for the benefit of the participant and isn’t designed to show-off.  The point is to improve your positive thinking by having to find something to be happy about every day, even if things aren’t going so well.  It’s an opportunity to appreciate the little things.


b2ap3_thumbnail_June-10th---Lilly-Egg.jpgI had a happy day this week - little Lilly, my Lavender Araucana, started to lay small but beautiful blue eggs :)

I’ve mentioned before about my weekly Business Buddy call and part of agenda is to recall the successes we’ve had that week.  We have both often said that in a week when we’d felt there hadn’t been much success, this has been a great exercise as you realise that there are things that have gone well.


 So I would encourage you to have same way in your regular routine of recounting what has gone well, whether that’s in business or personally or both.  It does help to keep you motivated and moving forward. 

If you want to find out more about the #100happydays challenge click here and congratulations to my Facebook friends who’ve been happy for 100 days!


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