You've got MORE mail :-(

The other evening I watched the old 90's film "You've Got Mail" for probably the 3rd or 4th time.

It takes us back to an era of dial-up broadband, when getting email was exciting.  Nowadays we have too much of it and we can drown under the size of our inboxes.  And with so many emails flying about, often just "for your information", its difficult to keep track, find time to read them and know what to do with them.

That's why today I thought I'd mention messaging software.  

Many of us will be familiar with Facebook Messenger or use What's App but probably you're only using them for personal conversations with friends.  But think how much easier it is to keep a track of the conversation when it's all in one place.  And if there's a group of you chatting it's easy to keep up, even if you've been offline for while.  And your personal inbox is probably getting used less and less - if you want to organise a night-out you just all hop onto your chosen social messaging platform and get it sorted quickly and easily.

So why aren't we doing the same in our businesses?

If you have teams that need to converse over projects or stay in touch about customers and day-to-day business issues, just think how much easier it would be if you were using a messaging platform where you could easily catch-up on the whole conversation, even when you've been in a meeting for half a day.

Just think how much lighter your email inbox would be without hundreds of update emails popping in every week!

Luckily, there are a few apps out there that provide this very service for businesses.

Flowdock is one that I use with some of my customers and it allows you to have a number of different group conversations going on (Flows) as well as 121 conversations, so you can manage the communication for a variety of projects or customers all in one place.

I also use Teamwork Chat with my team as it's part of the project management software that I use and it has the same functionality as Flowdock.

Slack is another popular messaging service but I haven't ever used this one so I can't comment, although as far as I'm aware it has the same functionality I've just described.  

Another bonus is that many of these pieces of software integrate (either directly or through IFTT or Zapier) with project management tools such as Trello, so you really can keep everything out of your inbox.

I love to hear if/how you're using messaging software in your business and which ones.  

P.S.  If your inbox is still filling up and taking over your day, you could always splash out a whole £37 on my 'Tame Your Email' course.

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